Photographing in Flow


  • Advice on how you can ideally set up your photoshootings to create a better mood and thus take better photos
  • Countless ideas, tips and hints that you can implement IMMEDIATELY and at no cost!


This book is for you if…

✔️ you are looking for proven approaches to shoot really strong portraits
✔️ you want to develop in portrait photography
✔️ you don’t want to buy unnecessary and boring content that you already know for a long time (as is the case with so many other books! )
✔️ you want to gain valuable knowledge quickly and understandably in a compact form
✔️ you already know how to operate your camera, but want to get to the next level

You should know your camera and the effect of aperture and shutter speed on the photo! But even if you’re a beginner, you’ll get a lot of useful knowledge from the book – I’ve gotten feedback from complete beginners in photography about how much it helped them.