Uber Driver Stops At His House, Brings Passenger A Home-Cooked Meal

A woman shared her heartwarming experience with an Uber driver after she had confessed to him that she had not been in touch with her family in a while.

Lina said she was chatting with her Uber diver on Monday night about her family in Sudan.

“Was chatting to my Uber driver last night on my way home about Bengali food, Sylhet, Sudan, how I can’t get in touch with my family there after the coup, and how isolating it can be living in London,” she wrote on Twitter.

That’s when he decided to make an unplanned stop at his home.

“He drove by his house mid journey and asked his wife to fix me a curry plate”

Lina said she politely declined his offer but he insisted.

“He insisted despite my pleas because he lived close to me. I didn’t have any food cooked in weeks and been surviving on work canteen food so today I had the best murgir lal jhol for lunch. It’s the generosity of communion that holds us together.”

“He even offered me rice as well but I was like no please I have rice this is too much.”

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